Gastric band blog

Gastric band blog 

Hypnosis can be a way of enabling in helping people who would like to manage their weight.

We can help with the underlying causes, investigating thought patterns to resolve weight problems. 

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or several stone the weight should dramatically reduce when the cause and patterns are examined and understood.

We consider the entire picture, your sleep, caffeine intake, exercise, alcohol and food, we also understand people have different dietary needs, consequently each client is treated individually and we then work together with the client accordingly. 

The first thing I would like to cover in this blog was the foods that we look at in clinic that could be affecting our weight, if we fail to get our sugar consumption under control it can be damaging to our health. We are biologically hard wired to have a craving for sugar, our digestive system and cravings were balanced in the days of the Neanderthal man, sugar was rare, so we are wired to crave sugar and this in turn enables us to store it in the form of fat. This has become problematic in the year 2020 as a survival adaption that worked but has been overrun by modern food technology that allows ultra-sweet flavours to proliferate. Our blood sugar levels are soaring due to the high level of sugar encompassed in so many foods and a high proportion that we are unaware of.

If we do not get our sugar consumption managed there is strong likelihood that the result will be a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, the important thing to realise is that by the time you are diagnosed, your body will have been in a prolonged state for years and unlike a cold or sickness bug you won’t get over this illness, you live with it. 

Many of us have been poisoning our bodies for years and it is thought one in three adults in the UK have pre diabetes. 

We encourage in clinic eating using rainbow charts and working with the clients circadian rhythm,  this can include food and mood diary’s and looking at overall lifestyle, a full after care plan is put in place to encourage wellness following the virtual gastric band with a bespoke plan tailor made to each clients personal needs and goals. 

Demand for gastric band surgery has soared in the last few years, the operation involves placing a band around the stomach in the upper region. This creates a small pouch so that the stomach only holds approximately half a cup of food about the size of a golf ball rather than the usual six cups.

This pouch being full sends messages to the brain that the stomach is full and satisfied and therefore the person eats less often, is full quicker and calorie deficient which means they lose weight. 

Having an imaginary gastric band fitted using hypnosis is how we proceed and many clients come out of trance with a slight discomfort in their side as if they have had the keyhole surgery. We incorporate the behaviour therapy into the sessions to enable the clients to see why they eat and where they can make changes. 

Each client is unique and their relationship with food often include specific triggers such as boredom eating, reward eating and filling a hole due to being unloved. This will all be addressed during the process. 

The first session in clinic after the consultation will involve relaxing the client into a trance using hypnosis, you are still in control and can bring yourself out at any point, this includes an induction using breathing techniques and relaxing each body part, the therapist talking to the client who’s eyes will be closed and when suitably relaxed a deepener which will involve taking the client on a journey deeper inside themselves. I like to use a forest walk, stars or there may be something else that might appeal to the clients subconscious. Once in trance the operation will be visualised, we take you to the hospital in your imagination and perform the operation, talking you through it all, clients often wake up with a dry mouth and can remember certain parts and they feel the band in place. 

Our next three sessions in clinic include looking at what parts of you overeat and why, adjusting the band and tightening if necessary and cutting out food groups, observing snacking and implementing healthy eating. 

The programme includes a support recording to listen encouraging permanent change, and reinforcing the new message around food and behaviour towards food. 

Clients feel they have extra will power and are able to make better choices about food and intake, exercise and hydration, most have improved sleep and find the programme successful in reaching their goals. 

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